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Lena Habetnagyan was born in a family of workers, in Leninakan on April 15, 1930.


She has lost her parents in an early age. Being the eldest, Lena had two sisters and three brothers. Upon their parents’ death, Lena began to take care of her brothers and sisters. It was very difficult for Lena to attend school and take care for brothers and sisters at the same time. So the fourth grade was the last one for Lena. Turning eighteen, Lena began to work at Leninakan’s Textile factory as a worker. After 28 years of working there, Lena retired and fell ill and in 1973 she was hospitalized for treatment of joint for a long time.

- My hard work at the factory led to the health problems, - told Lena.

After the hospital it was impossible to work for Lena. In two or three years Lena met one of her friends, who offered the woman quieter work of a controller at the Stock factory. Lena worked there at about six years till the earthquake of 1988. And after 1988 Lena had already had health problems and wasn’t able to work again.

- My brother got married, then did my sister, - told Lena.

Her second brother was ill. He had cancer and Lena took care of him for a long time. It was a big challenge. - I raised them, took care, and my life seemed elapsed..., - told Lena.

Taking care of her brothers and sisters Lena was unable to get married herself, although she was telling her story about her brothers and sisters very proudly, as she has been both a father and mother for them.

Conversing with Lena I understood how much “efforts” she had put to educate them, meeting all their aspiration. She loved them so much, that she has forgotten about her personal life, her whole life she devoted to her brothers and sisters. But she does not regret. As Bible says in the 1 Corinthians 10:33: “Just as I also please all men in all things, not seeking my own profit but the profit of the many, so that they may be saved.”

- They also haven’t forgotten me, they love and respect me up to day.

Now Lena lives with her younger sister in their paternal house.

She learnt on “Armenian Caritas” long time ago. For about 10 years, since the inception of Gyumri “Elderly Day Care Center for the Older People” Lena attends it with pleasure.

- The Center has moved for several times, but it doesn’t matter, because I feel that I am very welcome here, I am very grateful, they helped and assisted me a lot.


Prepared by: Stella Antonyan