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Varduhi was born in 1985 and grew in a family of craftsman. There were 2 children in their family - Varduhi and her sister. They both graduated the school with honors. Varduhi entered Gyumri Engineering College, programming department.

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Then Varduhi started working at Gyumri school #21 and in a year she got married.

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In 2007 Varduhi’s twins were born - Anna and Teresa. One of the twins Teresa had a hypoxia so was kept in special conditions for several days.

Later Varduhi noticed, that the child could not sit, could not even lean on her hands, and at last they decided to go to the hospital. Teresa was taken to the Rehabilitation Centre of Gyumri.

Despite the difficulties after 3.5 years Varduhi’s son was born.

Varduhi’s only concern was her daughter’s health so she did every single thing recommended by doctors. And now Teresa’s diagnose is entsefalopathy, which is a complicated type of illness.

Teresa is very active and clever. At the age of 7 she attended Gyumri inclusive school #7. Besides, regular exercises and treatment courses were made, but Teresa’s state became worse.

When they learnt about “Aregak” Day Care Center for Children with Multiple Disabilities they decided to attend it.

At first the new environment was a great problem for Teresa, she needed time for adaptation. Varduhi was staying with her daughter for 3 months in a row.

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A year passed…
Every month a parental duty- day was organized in the Center and during one of these days the cook of “Aregak” told Varduhi that the Center needed a cook helper, so Varduhi applied and was accepted. She is there to present.

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- I’m very pleased with the warm and careful attitude of everybody in the Center and due to that atmosphere Teresa began to speak.

In the Center Teresa has favorite friend- volunteers, whom she always remembers. In the Center she gets support from the psychologist, therapist and speech therapist.

Despite all the difficulties and problems Varduhi isn’t disappointed, she hopes and expects that one day her child’s state will get better and there will be a day in her life, when she is able to smile heartily.

Prepared by Stella Antonyan