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Mrs. Armine Hovhannisyan, a mother of four children

A rotten container dreadfully catches a sight and at first it is hard to imagine that a human being is able to survive in a pile of rusted iron. A room with adjourning kitchen-like area accommodates 6 people: a young couple with 4 children of 18,15,13 and 1.7 year-old children. Lack of bathroom made the picture more unbearable and walks to “shower” seemed a picture from the distant years of blockade.

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The mother, young woman with a permanent flu and a man with amputated ankle grow up the kids with no basic conveniences and stable income. Even Pythagoras would not be able to solve the problem of dividing their allowance and mother-leave allowance for the whole month expenses… The father lost his ankle in the disastrous earthquake and his impairment prevents him from finding a permanent job, mother worked before the last pregnancy but now has to stay home to take care of the kids. The older son is deaf and dumb and has legs length discrepancy, thus is unable to work or study. The only light spot in the family was the new-born naughty girl who seems brought some joy in the household.

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The striking was that the family kept going and hoped that some day they will overcome the difficulties and that the children will have a more descent life.

Thanks to “Armenian Caritas” which first enrolled Armine into the "Healthy mentality-healthy family" project, then into the Primary Health Care one was a real rescue and foundation for survival and hope.

Prepared by Marina Bazayeva