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The Grigoryans, a couple in a 50-year marriage

Mrs. Victoria and Mr. Volodya is a cheerful couple with over 50 years of a happy marriage with four children. Both parents fell in love and thought of a happy life for the entire family. Mr. Volodya still proudly recalls the days of his work at Soviet “Banvor” newspaper and even at “Pioneer Call” magazine. At the times the work of a correspondent at those editorials was prestigious and fulfilling.

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Today they live in a decaying house with two of their four kids on miserable pension and allowances. Both sons that live with them have mental disabilities and can hardly be of any assistance if not a burden. The two other, who live in a rented apartment, come occasionally to clean up as their own problems prevent them from doing it more often.

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The health problems of the couple, like an asthma and impaired leg, make their life much harder.

And once again, “Armenian Caritas” enrolled both of them into the Primary Health Center and supports as much as it possible. The nurses make every effort that the couple’s life is less miserable and more descent, though an increasing amount of medications require more and more financial resources and time. Nevertheless, “Armenian Caritas” is the only solution to the problem the family faces. Each visit of the nurse is a hope for solid ground and secured future.

Prepared by Marina Bazayeva