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Proverbs 14:21 …blessed is he who is generous to the poor.

Once again, the "Armenian Caritas" employees and volunteers visited Hayrapetyans’ family to pass the aid sent every month by an anonymous benefactor living in Yerevan.


During this visit, as well as every month the elderly and sick spouses were cut off from their poignant reflection of everyday life, myriad troubles and pain again seeing and realizing that they are not alone, there are people who remember them and share their concerns to some extent.


Khachatur Hayrapetyan and Teresa Annakhasyan are married for already many years; they have no children and live alone. The family is in a difficult social condition.


Khachatur Hayrapetyan has worked about 42 years in the milk factory of Leninakan, then in the socks factory as a laborer. Memories of the past make Khachatur grandfather excited, recall last carefree days, the friends and relatives of the past, who are not with him. Some of them maybe are dead, but some, as Khachatur grandfather is convinced, do not consider it necessary to remember this family, which needs help.

Theresa Annakhasyan has no children; Khachatur Hayrapetyan has a daughter, named Ohanna, from the first marriage, who however, has not seen her father after her mother's death. To the difficult conditions of life is added the endless longing for the only daughter, which probably is the greatest pain for a parent.


Until recently, the family's only income has been a small pension and the aid sent by an anonymous donor every month through the "Armenian Caritas". Health problems are added to the social difficulties. Theresa Annakhasyan suffers from a disease called "red wind" and Khachatur Hayrapetyan, after breaking his leg has a difficulty in walking and constant pain.

The video about this family, broadcasted on GALA TV about two years ago, on April 23, 2014, was widely spread in the press. As a result compassionate people appeared who did not stay indifferent and wanted to help Hayrapetyans’ family. The benefactor immediately contacted the "Armenian Caritas" and asked to organize the provision of monthly assistance by him.

The latter allocates a certain amount of money every month to provide necessary food to Hayrapetyans’ family.

This story comes to prove once again that our reality is not hopeless, as long as there are compassionate people who respond unselfishly to the neighbor's needs. On our behalf, as well as on behalf of Hayrapetyans’ family, we want to thank the benefactor for his generosity and assistance.


Such is the story of Khachatur and Teresa Hayrapetyans, touching and sad, but at the same time full of hope and faith.

Prepared by Ani Maghakyan