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Candlemas Celebration in Gyumri DCCE

Tuesday, 13 February 2018 00:00

web 111 thumb On February 13, the Feast of the Holy Candlemas was celebrated at the Gyumri Elderly Day Care Center of Armenian Caritas. The holiday was honored by Father Mashtots Zahteryan, who explained the meaning of the holiday. After the Lord's Prayer the beneficiaries circulated around and sang songs. In the end the center's beneficiaries, volunteers and staff jumped over the bonfire. Later everyone was expecting a feast. All beneficiaries, volunteers and staff were happy and enjoyed the days...





Norbert Mathis Farewell to “Armenian Caritas”

Thursday, 13 July 2017 10:00

web 111 thumbJuly 13 was a very memorable and heart-touching day for “Armenian Caritas.” It was a day when “Armenian Caritas” received Mr. Norbert Mathis and Mr. Martin Hagleitner Huber, the Head of Department of Caritas Austria to honor one of its most dedicated and devoted friends, a volunteer from Caritas Austria, Mr. Norbert Mathis whose decades-long friendship planted seeds of faith in all “Armenian Caritas” projects and beyond...


Nadjarins Couple is Awarded by RA MoD

Friday, 30 June 2017 11:00

web DSC00043 thumbJune 30 was a special day for “Armenian Caritas.” The initiating founder and Board Member of “AC” Mrs. Zevart Nadjarjan was awarded a Gold Medal of the RA Ministry of Diaspora. To acknowledge the efforts and dedication of Mrs. Nadjarian, the RA MoD convened a ceremony in honor of Mr. and Mr. Nadjarian awarding also a prominent journalist Mr. Nadjarian whose contribution to the newly independent Armenian can hardly be overestimated. The MoD Minister Mrs. Hranush Hakobyan highly appreciated the contribution this family ...


Training-Discussion on Labor Migration for State Employment Agency Employees

Friday, 28 April 2017 00:00

1On April 28, within the framework of the cooperation between State Employment Agency and “Armenian Caritas” Benevolent NGO, a training- discussion on labor migration took place in Gyumri. Employees of State Employment Agency regional centers, some community heads from Shirak Province, labour migrants and other people actively involved in the sphere of labor migration took part in the training-discussion. The meeting aimed to update the participants on the latest regulation in the sphere of labour migration....

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