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“Civic Activism in Consolidated Community”

Project Duration: 01.10.2017 - 30.09.2018

Number of Beneficiaries: 300 inhabits of Sarapat community

Location: Shirak Province, Sarapat community

Goal: Activation of Sarapat consolidated community villages through promotion of effective equitable participation in the community development processes.


  • • Raising public awareness and participation motivation of Sarapat community
  • • Identification of active inhabitants in the settlements of Sarapat, formation of active groups.
  • • Organization of workshops with a goal of capacity building of the active groups.
  • • Situational assessment and expert research of development opportunities of Sarapat community 15 settlements, public discussion of the analyzed results.
  • • Organization of coaching, individual consultancy for the village active groups to establish a unified CSO.
  • • Studying the successful experience in community development through organization of study visits.
  • • Participatory elaboration of CSO Charter as an advocacy tool for 15 settlements.
  • • Registration of the unified representative CSO.
  • • Provision of space and renovation of the registered CSO.
  • • CSO as a responsible body for the rural community development projects.
  • • The guidebook of the project initiative will be developed and published.
  • • The forums will be organized on local and regional levels, aimed at sharing the challenges and achievements of the consolidated communities and presentation of the methodological guideline.


  • 1. Civic activism of Sarapat community is raised through formation of active groups, capacity building and realization of development opportunities / Empowered civic potential of Sarapat community.
  • 2. The established and registered unified representative CSO of Sarapat community as a platform of community initiatives.
  • 3. The description and mechanism of the successful example of Sarapat community civil society activism is made.

Funding Partners: EU-funded project “STORNG Civil Society Organizations for Stronger Armenia”, implemented by Podlaska Regional Development Foundation, Caritas France

Implementing Partners: “Women for Development” NGO, “Biosophia” Healthcare, Environment and Agriculture Development Center Ngo

Budget: 67307 €

Project Manager: Zara Aghanyan

Coordinator: Satik Tokmajyan