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"German Friendship"

Start: 2003
End: Open -Ended

The idea of the project has been initiated by the teachers, students and parents of Kardinal Frings Gymnasium of Bonn, Germany, in 2003. Up to now the gymnasium organizes annual fundraising activities to the benefit of children living in remote villages of Armenia, aimed at improvement of their educational conditions and solving of the primary problems of the targeted schools. The project also assists to building of community capacity by encouraging community participation in all the stages of project implementation. The community has its contribution in the projects, amounted to minimum 20% of the total budget, realized in the form of unpaid labor force, materials or finance.

During the first two years (2003-2004) of the project implementation, 11 schools in remote villages of Shirak and Gegharkunik Provinces were involved in the project (6 in Shirak province and 5 in Gegharkunik province).

Getk village secondary school library renovation and furnishing; renovation of agricultural college in Akhurian, renovation of high school in Pokrashen village. 47 needy families, living in make -shift containers, total of 252 beneficiaries, including 130 children, received food as social support.

Within the framework of "Armenian Caritas" social assistance program, 55 poor families having 3 or more children and living in make -shift containers in Gyumri received food packages, which included vital food for children.

Replacement of windows and doors of Getk village school with new ones, renovation of school corridors in Bavra village, provision of computers to Byurakn village school, provision of sports equipment to the school # 1 in Chambarak; establishment of the German language club in school # 3 in Artik.

Replacement of old windows in the northern part of the school by new airtight metal-plastic windows.

Renovation of the school canteen and kitchen in Jrapi village, interior renovation and furnishing

It is planned to implement Shirak province Kharaberd village secondary school roof renovation with participation of the Shirak regional administration.

Partners: Implementation of the project has became possible thanks to the initiative of teachers, students and parents of Kardinal Frings Gymnasium of Bonn since 2003.

Project managers: Gayane Norikyan, Artashes Margaryan, Mkrtich Babayan