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Improvement of Lanjik village school

Project Duration: 01.04.2017-30.11.2017

Number of Beneficiaries:  150 students

Location:  Lanjik village

Background: The building of «Secondary school of Lanjik» was built in 1987 and it began to function in 1990. The building is exemplary with 392 seats. The last time the school was renovated in 2006 with the state sponsorship, but after the renovation there are a lot of omissions and shortage of inventory. In 2012 the part of the windows of school were changed by the ''Armenian Caritas'' BNGO. Now the school has a canteen, gym, computer hall, wide yard, which, however, haven't been equipped with the relevant equipment, through which it will be possible to fully use the opportunities provided by the school.

Goal: Improvement of the Educational Conditions of Lanjik Village School.

Objective: To improve the educational conditions of Lanjik Village School by providing equipment for the canteen, sports goods for the gym and computers

Activities: “AC” Project Manager will be responsible for the global coordination, implementation and monitoring of the program. He will also be responsible for determining the project implementation procedures and mechanisms. Furthermore he will determine the appropriate methods of distribution, their timeframe and transportation. “AC” will submit final financial and narrative report to the donor within 30 days after the successful completion of the project.

Partners:  The Ministry of Education and Science of RA

Budget: 30 200 €

Project manager: Gagik Tarasyan