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Sustainable development of Rural Communities in Northern Armenia

Project duration: 01.04.2017 – 31.03.2020

Number of Beneficiaries: 2010 households, 8950 people

Location: Shirak, Voskehask, Vahramaberd, Jrapi, Jajur, Arapi communities

Project goal: The goal of this project is to promote the sustainability and viability of 6 communities in the region of Shirak by offering technical and strategic support to community residents in determining their own development path.

Activities: The three pillars of this project are:

  1. Constructing/reconstructing agricultural infrastructure (irrigation canals/drinking water pipelines) by engaging and involving the community
  2. Facilitating economic development through
  • professional training on the correct irrigation technology
  • introduction of new crops for the backyard garden (mostly vegetables) and the cultivated fields
  • setting up of pilot fields and farms. Seed-multiplication will be executed with the aim to have a seed-bank within the village.

  3. Specific training on health and hygiene in schools and for the community.

The current set of projects aims at reconstruction of drinking water system pipeline and irrigation system for Shirak village, irrigation feeding system reconstruction in Vahramaberd and Voskehask villages, irrigation internal network and sewerage system reconstruction for Jrapi village, and irrigation internal network for Jajur village. The projects will be implemented in close collaboration with the communities of the mentioned villages that will actively participate during the whole project period.

Funding Partners: Renovabis

Budget:  499 664 €

Project Manager: Artashes Margaryan