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Improvement of Educational Conditions of Village Schools and Kindergartens

Project Duration: 01.03.2016-31.03.2016

Number of Beneficiaries: Arevik School – 225, Arevik kindergarten – 60, Byurakn School – 131, Hovuni School–76

Number of Beneficiaries:  492

Location: Arevik, Byurakn, Hovuni

Education is the foundation for a healthy and developed society, as well as a vital determinant of civic culture and participation in democratic politics. The sphere of education in Armenia is emphasized by the government of Armenia as one of prerequisites for sustainable development of the country, preservation of human capital and its reproduction.

Armenia is considered to be one of the ancient countries that have rich cultural and educational heritage. But the past decades was a period of fundamental changes in Armenia: the tough socio-economic transitions and the paralyzed industry, the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the earthquake in 1988, the blockade, contributed to regression in all the spheres. The highest overall child poverty rate is observed in Shirak province in 2014, where more than 50% of children are poor. For children poverty means risks for malnutrition, overall development and deprivation of basic conditions for child well-being. Therefore, tackling child poverty is not something that can wait until fiscal circumstances are seen as accommodating. Re-orienting social protection expenditure towards more efficient models may mitigate devastating effects of poverty on children and break the intergenerational cycle of poverty that threatens human development and economic growth. The regression is also tangible in cultural, educational and spiritual life of Armenia, especially in the provinces far from the capital - Yerevan. The cultural life is outstandingly active in Yerevan compared with the other towns and villages of Armenia. There are no cultural centers, theatres, cinemas, libraries, etc., and if they exist in some of the towns and villages, they are not functioning normally.

“Armenian Caritas” has always made endeavors to solve the issues of the communities that are in need, having as a beacon the strategic directions that it has adopted. One of the strategic points is the improvement in social-education sector directed to the child and family protection and development. Byurakn, Arevik and Hovuni villages of Shirak province are the communities that need betterment in the field of social and educational sectors. These villages are in the northern part of Armenia, Shirak Province. The population of these communities is approximately 2000 persons who are mainly engaged in cattle-breeding and agriculture.

Since its establishment “Armenian Caritas” has implemented numerous projects targeting children and their families. As a result of implementation of these projects “Armenian Caritas” came to the decision to continue its efforts on child care and protection. “Armenian Caritas” is one of the biggest providers of social services for children and families in Shirak province.

Goal: Improvement of the Educational conditions of the 3 targeted schools in Byurakn, Arevik and Hovuni Village schools and in Arevik Kindergarten.


  • 1. Rehabilitate Byurakn village school Drinking Water Supply by constructing well and connecting to school existing network
  • 2. Change Arevik village old damaged windows with new metal-plastic ones.
  • 3. Renovation of the school buffet
  • 4. Renovation of Arevik village kindergarten

This program has to be considered as a development of the work carried out by “AC” during the past 20 years with the village schools hosting vulnerable and needy children. The implementation of the project will be carried out by “AC” staff members in collaboration with representatives from the targeted schools.

“AC” will discuss the specifics of the program with the school representatives identifying specific needs and priorities as well as the level of contributions from the communities and the schools.

“AC” Project Manager will be responsible for the global coordination, implementation and monitoring of the program. He will also be responsible for determining the project implementation procedures and mechanisms in close collaboration with the representatives of the village schools. Furthermore he will determine the appropriate methods of distribution, their timeframe and transportation.

Finance Assistant will be responsible: to implement financial activities related to the project;

  • - to prepare vouchers of payment requested by the program manager;
  • - to classify, register and file invoices and receipts of payment;
  • - to keep and constantly update registration books;
  • - to monitor constantly program expenses and verify their correspondence with the approved budget;

Finance assistant will be responsible for overall financial procedures of the project and follow the correspondence of the expenses with the approved budget.

During the year, summer months, “AC” will concentrate its activities on organizing community efforts to renovate the school buildings in 3 village schools and in one kindergarten. A civil engineer will be responsible for the overall coordination of all phases of the rehabilitation works, for signing contracts with the specialists, for technical aspects of the project and also for purchasing and providing needed renovation materials to the sites. He will be in charge for developing and coordinating all the activities, including the effectiveness of children’s and their parents’ participation in the project and their involvement in small unskilled works. “AC” will submit final financial and narrative report to the donor within 30 days after the successful completion of the project.

Partners: Renovabis

Budget: 112 478 00€

Project manager: Artashes Margaryan