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Renovation of Lavatories of Hovuni village

Project Duration: 16.03.2015 - 03.09.2015

Number of Beneficiaries: 76

Location: Hovuni village

Hovuni village is 13 km north-west from the provincial center Gyumri. The village is situated on the right bank of Akhuryan river. 1750m above sea level. The climate is mountainous, with cold and long winters (six months). The ancestors of Hovuni inhabitants emigrated from Basen village in Western Armenia. In Soviet times the population of the village was 1000, now it is 605. The main occupation of the villagers is cattle breeding and farming. Seasonal migration is the main source of income source of income for the male population of the village. Women are doing all agricultural activities from April till October.

School is an educational center, where pupils gain much knowledge, skills; it’s the center, where the creators of our bright future are educated and grown. In order to organize the education correctly, the corresponding educational environment, comfortable conditions and a nice atmosphere should be provided in these educational institutions. The provision of safe water and sanitation facilities in schools is a first step towards a healthy physical learning environment benefiting both learning and health. However, the mere provision of facilities does not make them sustainable or produce the desired impact. It is the use of technical facilities and the related appropriate hygiene behaviors of people that provide health benefits. In schools, hygiene education aims to promote those practices that will help prevent water and sanitation-related diseases as well as promoting healthy behavior in the future generation of adults.

Objectivies: Improvement of educational conditions of Hovuni village school


  • Renovate two lavatories of the school;
  • To dismantle the old windows and doors;
  • To place tiles on the walls and floors;
  • To renovate the ceilings;
  • To draw electricity lines and water pipelines;
  • To replace the old wash basins and lavatory basins with the new ones;
  • To provide other toilet accessories.

Partners: Chech Embassy

Budget: 9 200 €

Project manager: Artashes Margaryan