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Regional Campaign against Illegal Migration and Trafficking

Project Duration: 01.12.2014 - 30.11.2015

Number of Beneficiaries: 2147

Target group: pupils, teachers and community residents

Location: Shirak, Lori and Gegharkunik Provinces

Goal: To raise awareness on migration and trafficking.


  1. Organize training sessions and campaigns for Shirak, Lori and Gegharkunik provinces’ community residents and pupils or students on migration and human trafficking (human exploitation).
  2. Build capacities of three partner NGOs in three target regions.

In order to achieve project goals at the beginning of the project research was conducted in order to reveal the thematic topics that are of interest for target population. After finding out the thematic interests of the target population, the module of training sessions was compiled and based on the module training sessions, competitions and games were carried out for schoolchildren, college students and province residents involved in circular migration. In addition, a help line was operated that answered the inquires on migration and trafficking. In order to achieve the second objective of the project some equipment and other material resources as well as training sessions for NGO representatives were provided.

Armenian Caritas is a member of COATNET (Christian Organizations against Trafficking in Women) as well as Euro-Mediterranean Anti- Trafficking Network. As for local memberships, it is a member of Anti-Trafficking Working Group in Armenia as well as Interagency Monitoring Committee for Action Plan 2012-2016 Implementing the Concept for the Policy of State Regulation of Migration

Partners: Caritas FranceCaritas Spain

Budget: 55140 €

Project manager: Movses Hakobyan

Coordinator:  Gohar Yeranyan