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Improvement of Social Conditions of Single Mothers in Gyumri

Project duration: 10.01.16  –  01.05.16

Number of beneficiaries: 50

Location: Gyumri

Most single mothers in Gyumri live in a situation of extreme poverty and even daily food and access to health care is a major problem for them. Poverty and the life at or below the subsistence level are the main causes of poor health. The consequences of poverty are a greater personal health risk for single mothers for they have poor nutrition, little chance of accessing knowledge, and limited possibilities for health care. Accordingly, poor health in turn results in greater poverty.
Single mothers living alone are deprived of the normal life conditions and their only income is the miserable pension and more miserable welfare (if any). They do not get social services either from state structures or from other organizations. They have serious health problems, many of them have disabilities or are weak for breeding animals or do home activities, or agricultural works of their own to be self-sustainable. Besides, they are doomed to stay all day at home having nowhere to go for leisure. They consider themselves useless for the society and their families and they feel psychologically depressed.
It is obvious that single mothers in many respects are particularly affected by the enormous economic and social problems.
“Armenian Caritas” based on its great expertise in implementing social projects aims to improve the living conditions of 10, the most vulnerable single mothers in Gyumri, by provision of medications, firewood, food commodities, hygienic items and stationery for their children.

Improvement of the social conditions of 10 single mothers in Gyumri (50 beneficiaries).

To assist single10 mothers (and their 40 children) in providing food commodities, hygienic items, stationery, text books, blankets/linen/towels, firewood, diesel fuel for heating purposes, medicine, etc.

Partners: Caritas Italy

Budget: 5 000 €

Project manager: Gagik Tarasyan