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Returnees from Netherlands (RFN)

Project Duration: 2016 October 1 - ongoing

Number of Beneficiaries: 2016 – 0

Target group: Directed voluntary returnees from the Netherlands

Location: Armenia

Goal։ Assist voluntary returnees from the Netherlands to get reintegrated in Armenia.


  1. Provide social assistance;
  2. Medical check-ups and surgeries and medication;
  3. Provide small startup grants.


The activities of the project involve but not exclude the following steps.

  • To get in touch with and meet returnees from Belgium
  • Asses needs and provide social counseling
  • Assist returnees to solve their temporary residence issues
  • Provide medical, social, psychological and legal assistance
  • Provide some opportunities for vocational training
  • Assist returnees in employment
  • Assist returnees to set up a small business

Funding PartnersDutch Refugee Council

Budget: 5 000 €

Project manager: Movses Hakobyan