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Preschool education and health support in kindergartens

Project Duration:  01.04.2004 - 30.10.2019 

Number of Beneficiaries:  270   

LocationGyumri, Sepasar and Ghazanchi villages             

Goal: The goal of the project is providing improved nutrition for the pre-school children of two kindergartens (Gyumri  kindergartens #5 “Smile” and #11 “Liana”) and two kindergartens in Sepasar and Ghazanchi villages.

Description:The project being implemented in two kindergartens in Gyumri and in two kindergartens in Sepasar and Ghazanchi villages contributes to the protection of 270 children right for good quality food by monitoring food provision, preparation and storage.

The following activities are implemented

  • Monitoring of the food provision, preparation and storage places
  • Providing furniture/equipment and kitchen utensils for improvement of the kitchens and storage places
  • Child care activities: healthy food provision

The project tackles the issues of social protection of the children by means of providing healthy food provision. As the project also promotes the improvement of conditions for food preparation and storage after monitoring of the kitchen and storage conditions furniture/equipment and kitchen utensils are provided. The monitor of the project visits Gyumri kindergartens twice per week and village kindergartens – once per 10 days. Child care activities include food provision that is provided by Armenian Caritas’s supplier company. The monitor participates in working out of the menu with the cook and the headmasters.

Partners:  Caritas Austria (Tyrol)

Budget: 75 242 €

Project manager: Hasmik Sargsyan