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Day Care Center For The Elderly (DCCE)

Project Duration: 01.01.2017-31.12.2018

Number of Beneficiaries: 110

Location: Shirak Province, Gyumri City

Location: Lori Province, Tashir City


Enable 50 disabled elderly citizens of Gyumri (located in Shirak region, Armenia) to integrate into society and receive equal treatment through the provision of a range of supportive services, including legal and social assistance.


This project involves a variety of services (directions) that include both human (humanitarian) and material resources (assistance), such as food commodities, hygienic items, leisure (entertainment) activities, specific medications needed by the elderly, and the provision of clothing. Beneficiaries of this project are also provided with a warm, three-course meal once a day.

All beneficiaries are registered with the Primary Health Care Clinic of Armenian Caritas, where they receive medical assistance and medications prescribed by the doctors. The doctors also conduct lectures on health-related subjects such as personal hygiene, asthmatic problems, and many others.

Nurses with a specialization in Geriatric Care are responsible for conducting home visits and providing beneficiaries with basic medical care and general assistance according to their individual needs.

Daily leisure activities include table games, interesting TV programs, concerts with professional musicians and schoolchildren, and visiting museums and the theatre.

Budget: 216 324 €

PartnersCaritas AustriaUS CCB (US Conference of Catholic Bishops) Medicor Foundation,  Italian Bishops Conference

Project manager in Gyumri: Flora Sargsyan

Project manager in Tashir:  Armen Martirosyan

Coordinator in Gyumri: Gurgen Baghdasaryan

Coordinator in Tashir: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  Caritas AustriaUS CCB (US Conference of Catholic Bishops) Medicor Foundation,  Italian Episcopal Conference,  Caritas Poland - See more at: http://www.caritas.am/en/projects/social-protection/elderly/warm-winter#sthash.xRpTdYdZ.dpuf



Project Duration: 01.12.2015-30.04.2016