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Warm Winter

Project Duration: 01.12.2004 - Open Ended



Promote the well-being of the elderly population while increasing the social responsibility of local authorities and society through raising awareness of the hardships endured by the elderly during winter in the Shirak, Lori, and Gegharkunik Provinces of Armenia.


The "Warm Winter" project covers the cost of heating for beneficiaries during three months of winter. Beneficiaries of this project primarily include disabled and disadvantaged people, including elderly citizens involved in the Armenian Caritas “Home Care” projects in Gyumri, Vanadzor, and Gavar; and elderly citizens involved in the Day Care Centers in Gyumri and Tashir.

Caritas has developed a system based on previous years of experience that allows us to respond to the needs of our beneficiaries a timely, efficient, and fair manner. We first conducted a survey to discover how the project beneficiaries heat their living spaces, and found that the majority use gas or electric heating sources. Depending on the source of heating, a certain amount of money- between 35,000 and 43,000 Armenian dram (equivalent of 70-80 EUR)- is transferred to each beneficiary’s gas or electricity account one time annually. Some people prefer to burn wood for heat, as they have neither electricity nor gas at their house.

The project encourages fundraising among local government authorities to increase levels of participation and involvement in the provision of social support. In 2012, a symbolic amount of 1,000 AMD (2 EUR) per beneficiary was raised from local authorities, in addition to the standard amount allocated by Caritas for heating expenses.

The Warm Winters project also strives to raise awareness among the community and local authorities about issues affecting the elderly in order to strengthen the engagement of the state and civil society. 

Beneficiaries: the elderly citizens

2009-2010: 775 
2010-2011: 600 
2011-2012: 690 
2012-2013: 704 
2013-2014: 700 
2014-2015: 680 
2015-2016: 620

Budget: 53 000 €

Partners:  Caritas Austria,  US CCB (US Conference of Catholic Bishops),  Medicor Foundation,  Italian Episcopal Conference

Project manager: Flora Sargsyan