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"Emili Aregak" Must be in my Life

Every time I find it hard to remember and tell funny stories about my 4 years of volunteering: they are too many. My every single day in ''Emili Aregak'' 11enis an interesting and complete story, full of funny stories and life lessons.

It will be easier for me to answer the question of what volunteering has given me. Therefore, I would like to tell you a few words on how I was prior to my becoming a volunteer: I was shy, blushing even while greeting people, didn't like to communicate much, so I was self-contained. I could sit for hours and did not utter a single word. But "Emili Aregak" has changed me a lot. Thanks to my friends, I am now freer to express my thoughts and opinions (saying friends, first of all I mean the alumni of ''Emili Aregak''). They taught me to see the world with more vivid colors, surrounded me with hope and faith and cover my dear 111enpeople with love. Yes, "Emili Aregak" has made me change my perception of love; accept people the way they are.

Now I cannot even imagine what life would be like if ... there is no if. "Emili Aregak" must be in my life.







 Hasmik Topalyan

Volunteer of "Armenian Caritas" Volunteer Corps