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Volunteer of the Month May, 2017

asya1Asya Bokhyan has been selected as our Volunteer of the Month for May 2017!

Asya Bokhyan has been volunteering in “Armenian Caritas” National Home Care / Gavar project since 2010.

“Being a part of the society I have always wanted to help those who are in need. During my 8 years of volunteering I have understood that there are many elderly people having certain kind of needs which can be provided by the youngers.

While visiting our beneficiaries I see their smiling faces and at the same time wistful eyes. I live with their concerns, and try to ease them as much as possible.

My day is filled with an indescribable joy and relief with them. Different events are being organized. I also take part in the food distribution process.

The older years are the most difficult in human life when a person needs more care and attention. By the way, we must not forget that one day we all will grow old,” - says Asya.