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Volunteer of the Month October, 2017

1Monica Khorotyan, has been selected as our Volunteer of the Month for October, 2017!

Monica has been volunteering in “Armenian Caritas” Gyumri Head Office since 2014. She is actively involved in administrative works and mainly helps with

“I volunteer because it continuously teaches me something new about people, about cooperation, about compassion, and about myself. In helping others, I am reminded that we are all in this together and we need to remember to support each other.

At the beginning of my volunteering I was not self-confident and in some cases may feel uncomfortable, especially while replacing the administrative assistant in the reception of AC. During the time I left all the difficulties behind. I became more confident, gained much knowledge.

I appreciated a lot the opportunities that AC gives to volunteers. It is one thing to have theoretical knowledge, but it is quite different to have experience. I have opportunity to enrich my professional knowledge. Now I feel confident and I know that I am ready to help those who are in need and do it with love and dignity” says Monica.